Google Analytics and Online Marketing

Custom Google Analytics with your Calculations

by Charles Brodeur
A list of 25 Calculated Metrics for Google Analytics With the customization and and flexibility that Google Analytics provides there are infinite possibilities for calculated metrics. The vast majority of calculated metrics that will be created will be for ratios, which simply divide two given metrics. This will especially be applicable for rat ..

AdWords Hierarchy of Needs (AdWords road to success)

by Charles Brodeur
The purpose of this post is to act as a road map for businesses to grow online, become more profitable and be more successful. Each step in the process may be impacted by how the previous steps have been implemented. The steps don't have to be completed or commenced in this order, but in many cases we recommend they are. As you progress through ..

Creating Negative Keywords for Google AdWords

by Charles Brodeur
Google AdWords has are 5 keyword matching options. 1. Broad – allows other keywords to be included or relevant (as deemed by Google) keywords to be substituted. 2. +Broad +Match +Modified – Guarantees the keywords following each + will be in the search  ..

Google Webmaster Alerts

by Charles Brodeur
We know that having a healthy and well-performing website is important to you. To keep you informed about your site's status Webmaster Tools will now automatically send you a notification email if there are critical or important issues that we detect with your site. Google will only send you email for issues that they think have si ..

Google's Remarketing Program

by Charles Brodeur
What is it and how does it work? When I speak with clients and I explain Remarketing I find that most people have seen remarketing at work. They say something like, "oh the online ads that follow you around the internet". To see Remarketing in action visit The Google Ads are most likely from a site that you have visited  ..

Measuring Website Success - Google Analytics

by Charles Brodeur
We have all heard of Google Analytics and how its “FREE”…Free if you don’t count the time it takes to set it up properly. By “properly” I mean: Easy to understand Meaningful reports Actionable insights You see, the version of Google Analytics that is set to default gives you metrics that are, w ..

Remove your Company Traffic from Google Analytics

by Charles Brodeur
Did you know you can exclude your own IP address from the reporting analytics? If you have a permanent IP address then it's a great idea to have this address excluded from the reporting statistics so you can get a better feel of who is visiting your website. To exclude an IP address go to Reports->Summary and click on Miscellaneous from the  ..

Strategies for Google Remarketing

by Charles Brodeur
Google writes in their AdWords help section the following strategies for remarketing campaigns: Add all site visitors The most basic way to remarket is to add all the visitors to your website. If you're new to remarketing, this is where you should probably start. To create this list, you need to generate the remarketing code, and pu ..

The Holy Grail of Web Analytics

by Charles Brodeur
For those of you who love to wade through the plethora of standard reports offered by Google Analytics and spend hours mulling over reams of data trying to find that elusive key metric please feel free to skip this article. However, if like most of us you want quick access to key web analytics custom reporting data and your boss (and his ..

Tips for Writing AdWords Ad Copy

by Charles Brodeur
Be honest, transparent and clear. Convey your message and convince a potential customer to click your ad by offering specials or discounts if they are available on the website. Avoid the use of hype in your ad text and allow your potential customers to identify with you by closely relating your ad text to the keyword ..

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